Health Cola® tastes delicious because we use natural ingredients to create the characteristic classic cola flavor that many of us have come to love. This includes extract from Kola nuts. Cola beverages were originally made with these nuts; it is what gave them the name “cola”. We have gone back to the roots of colas and included this plant in Health Cola.

Health Cola also tastes so good because we use fruit sugar as a sweetener. This gives the beverage not the overly sugary taste that you get from corn syrup. On the health side, fruit sugar is a slow-burning sugar. It does not cause the characteristic reaction in the body to the sugar found in corn syrup: A rapid rise in blood sugar (often causing hyperactivity) followed by a sharp blod-sugar drop when the body pumps out insulin (often causing tiredness or exhaustion).

Another important factor for both taste and health is that we use vitamin C and citric acid (naturally found in citrus fruit) instead of the synthetic phosphoric acid found in some other colas. Phosphoric acid is a good rust remover but we don’t think it belongs in food. Phosphoric acid has also been suspected as the reason for osteoporosis (bone loss) caused by cola beverages (see the “Framingham Osteoporosis Study” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2006).

Health Cola is less carbonated than leading soft drinks. This allows you to better taste the nuances of flavors. Some professional chefs have complimented us on the depth of flavor in Health Cola, instead of simply the flat taste of sugary fizziness you get from other brands.

Finally, we believe that the absence of preservatives contributes to the good taste of Health Cola. Preservatives have a bitter flavor that you can only cover up with more sugar. The only good thing to say about preservatives is that they prevent spoilage. But our proprietary production process gives Health Cola a full year of guaranteed freshness—without preservatives. Preservatives also do nothing for your health, so good riddance!